South Devon Railway Event Bookings

*PLEASE NOTE - Advance bookings are available up until 2359 the day before travel. It is not possible to book tickets online on the day of travel. Tickets can be purchased from our Booking Offices on the day of travel, subject to availability. 

Book a standard return ticket in advance online and seats will be reserved for your desired journey out and back. Seat reservations are available in Standard Class Open Coaches or Premium Compartments. When booked in advance, you will not be expected to share your compartment or table with other persons outside your booking. Standard return tickets can be purchased on the day at our Booking Offices but seat reservations will not be available.

Do you want to make multiple journeys or alight at Staverton, our intermediate station? Our Rover tickets offer complete freedom of the line and are great for exploring. Rover tickets are available on all of our services but seats are not reservable and, if busy, you may have to share a seating area with persons outside your booking. Rover tickets are available in advance online or can be purchased on the day at our Booking Offices

Standard single/return ticket booking process:

1) Select whether you wish to start your journey at Buckfastleigh or Totnes, using the buttons below.

2) Select the date you wish to visit us on.

3) Select the departure time of your chosen train.

4) Enter the required numbers of each ticket type and add them to your basket.

5) If you wish to purchase a return ticket, press the "Find Day Return Availability" button for your chosen date OR if you only wish to purchase single tickets (i.e. one way), press checkout and complete your order.

6) Select your chosen return train departure time. The return tickets can now be added to your basket, at the greatly reduced return ticket price.

7) Check your order and then press "Checkout".

If you make a mistake then you can use the "View Cart" button in the top right hand corner to see your current shopping cart, and use the blue "Empty Shopping Cart" button at the bottom of the page to clear your cart and start again.